Valparai Athirapally

Athirapally Falls

The valparai and athirapally is most beautiful places for seem. Valparai is located above the 3500 range  the pollution free heavenly land. Valparai is located above the 3,500 feet from the sea level on the Anamalai mountain rangeValparai does not mean only a single town.


The major attraction of Athirapally falls:

  • Trekking,Bird Watching,Eco shop
  • Charpa Water falls,Vazhachal water falls,
  • Rest house and Dormitory  Facilities, Children park
  • Trekkingand forest Information Center
  • Medicinal Plants Garden
  • Anakayam-Eco Tourism area
  • Sholayar dam- Dam View point
  • Malakapra-Eco Tourism Area


The Visitors should take coupon entering in picnic spot:

Ticket Issue time :8 Am to  5 Pm
 VisitorsView Time:8 Am to 6 Pm    

There are two routes to reach Athirapally Falls

1) Valparai--> Chalakudy-> Athirapally ( 100 Kms)

2) Valparai--> Get down from Valparai Hill to  Pollachi-->Pallakad-->Thrissur--> Chalakudy-->Athirapally ( 170 Kms).


The valparai entire is estate area. Most companies produced and exported the tea and coffee in this area. Balaji Temple is one of famous in valparai.


Note: The people  planning to visit Athirapally visit from Valparai , insist your driver to get vehicle permit in pollachi itself and decide on first route.As the first route is nearly impossible for us , we choose the second option to reach Athirapally Falls


   It is near to the entrance of the Sholayar range is a place of great scenic beauty. Here, the water plunges from a height of nearly 80 feet before joining the Chalakudi river.  this picturesque spot is adjacent to dense green forest, and is a part of Chalakudi River, 50 Kms. from Valparai towards Chalakudi, Kerala.


         Valparai Athirappilly Falls were located at the Chalakudi Lake that generates in the top reaches connected with the Western Ghats. Several endangered plus endemic varieties with flora and fauna tend to be observed in the jungles associated with the Athirapilly-Valparai location. This particular place is the only spot throughout the Western Ghats where some endangered Hornbill varieties are found. The Western Ghats can be just one of the most significant biodiversity sizzling locations in the globe. This priceless natural earth is undoubtedly degraded by means of mining, exploration, and hydro electric tasks. Athirapally is famous among people. Valparai Athirapally falls is just one of the ideal destinations to check out in Kerala. Another famous waterfall to check out is that Valparai Waterfalls.

In Valparai forest, if people travel deeply towards the Athirappilly-Valparai jungles in the Western Ghats they can find the Valparai attractions, possibilities tend to be that you  might perceive, from way up in the canopy panels of  trees, a serious whooshing noise considerably comparable to an airplane. If people are fortunate, everyone will snatch a glance of a spectacular bird, the Great Hornbill. However if 163-Mega Watt Athirappilly hydroelectric venture suggested by the KSEB occurs through, these types of distinctive birds may fade from these kind of jungles.

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